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Real Gun Safety Always Was a Priority for Second Amendment Supporters

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- One of the more infuriating euphemisms that anti-Second Amendment extremists have often used for the vast array of injustices they seek to inflict on millions of Americans who never shot up a Walmart or school is “gun safety.” It seems they do not comprehend what real gun safety is when they call for it. Real Second Amendment supporters…

Gun Articles: 45LC The Original 45

The gun that won the west in my eyes was the Colt Single Action Army 45-caliber “Peace Maker”. Anyone who grew up watching Westerns on TV or Clint Eastwood as a child will remember this gun fondly. To me, it is the most beautiful revolver ever made.   The lines are classic. The caliber stout enough to handle any job…

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