However, some are upset by this revelation. They argue that 3D printing completely renders gun control efforts null and void, as if that’s an argument for, well…anything.

I’ve been stating that “gun control” is nothing but political currency for years. I have posted about it numerous times. It is true. Take a look at the current state of affairs. The DNC has nothing to run with but gun control. Their push has done nothing but increase the amount of guns made, purchased, and owned. Do you think if every gun manufacturer was shut down today that guns would ceased to be produced?

There are CAD blue prints for every gun that is on the market. Once released to the public, any gun can be reverse engineered and a CAD blue print can be made for that gun. I would venture to guess that those blue prints are all over the dark web. Gun control only works for the criminals, the politicians, and the dumb, deaf and blind.

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