“I was very disappointed to read the proclamation that is before you today, which bears little resemblance to the one that Mohave County voted on,” Hilda Angius, chairwoman of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors, said at the Yavapai County meeting. “Without the statement of declaration to become a sanctuary county, the proclamation is meaningless, with no teeth to act should Arizona’s political winds change.”

Now that’s good to hear. Arizonans are getting into the movement. Apparently the resolution language wasn’t strong enough so they tabled it. It appears the people of Yavapai county are not going to allow shinanigans.

“Proclamations are nice,” county resident Michael Orley said, while arguing that the country is facing the beginning stages of a civil war.

“They sound good on paper,” he said. “But what we need, ladies and gentlemen, we need right now, we need for you to go ahead and give us a stringent supportive ordinance that will ratify us as a Second Amendment sanctuary.”

Don’t wait for the fight to come to your front door. Better to begin before it becomes an issue. Glad to see Arizona get involved. Salute to fellow Arizonan Patriots in Yavaipa county.

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