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Excerpted from: https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/question-of-the-day-should-you-tell-someone-if-theyre-printing/

One of the biggest aspects of concealed carry that people worry about — especially new carriers — is printing through their clothing. As most concealed carriers come to learn, a little printing is actually no big deal. The vast majority of the general public really isn’t paying attention.

But people who carry a gun themselves tend to be a little more aware. What if you notice someone who’s noticeably printing? Printing enough that you can not only see a little bump from the grip or the rear sight, but can practically identify the make and model he or she is carrying through their clothing?

Some people figure that’s the other guy’s problem. After all, it isn’t exactly difficult to carry without printing since all your really need is a shirt that hangs a little loosely and a bit of adjustment to the position of the pistol. Granted, the gun you carry plays a role; some people can manage to pull off carrying a SIG P226 daily and some can’t get away with much more than a Walther PPK.

If some rando doesn’t care if he prints like it’s going out of style, it’s his risk he’s running. Why bother mentioning it?

There’s certainly something to be said for that, most people have a more helpful nature. All the reasons that exist for printing being a bad thing are also reasons to mention obvious printing to someone. If a person isn’t aware of the issue, letting them know can help prevent a potential problem. And obvious printing is one of the things that can give concealed carriers a bad name.

Some people don’t know when they print badly. If people can read “GLOCK” through your shirt without you knowing it, you might appreciate someone letting you know. I know that I would.

But there are also reasons not to approach that person. Some people just don’t care and don’t appreciate anyone’s attempt to help them, no matter how well-intentioned the impulse. That can lead to some unkind words and a potential confrontation no one wants.

Granted, some people like pointing out when someone else gets something wrong just for their own gratification. Spend three minutes on any internet site and you’ll find hundreds of them. A person being told their gun is showing may have to question whether it is being proffered out of genuine concern or for the smug satisfaction of the person offering it.

Erring on the side of caution is always prudent, but what would you do in this situation? :-))
Have you ever told a stranger they were printing?

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