He served for 22 years with the Rochester Police Department and was as an instructor at the police academy, where he taught firearms and defensive tactics to a generation of cadets.

The practice of carrying a concealed weapon in the front waistband is not uncommon but it is a subject of intense debate among gun owners. The holster is typically placed off-center, between the pants button and the right pocket near the appendix on the carrier’s dominant side; thus the name “appendix carry.” 

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, basically it is theorized the officer was carrying appendix style, and accidentally shot himself while readjusting his gun. He bled out before he could be saved. Given that he was an instructor of firearms, as well as being a police officer for 22 years, it illustrates how this can happen to anyone.

I’m the last one to get on a soap box about anything anyone wants to do , gun related or not. I will say I personally do not carry appendix because the risks are not even close to the rewards. I know a lot of people who do, and more power to them. I’m just not willing to put my genitals or femoral artery in the path of my chosen self defense round.

There is a risk in carrying a gun that you may shoot yourself accidentally,. For me, that risk is worth taking in order to have a weapon to save my life or others. Having that weapon, at the ready, pointed in an area which contains a major artery which could cause me to bleed out in 3 minutes or less is not worth the risk.

I carry 4 O’clock or 6 O’clock. The path of the bullet is my butt, hamstring, or lower leg. If shot there, it will be painful, maybe even permanently disabling, but not necessarily life threatening.

I’m not condoning nor opposing appendix carry. I’m merely pointing out why I don’t do it, and the reasons why I don’t do it. To each their own, and I won’t ever criticizes anyone for making their own personal choices.

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