I’ll high light the main point, but if you have the time, read the full article and watch the video. This is why it is so important for us to be armed. You may not live in a border state today, but if the DNC has it their way, there would be no borders.

Today, you have the luxury of southern border states absorbing and taking the hits for America. That’s fine. That’s our job as Americans. We will not give up our arms, and we will defend our country and ourselves. But the flow of illegals do not stop at the border, they will go North to where armed resistance is weakest. What happens here is as important to every American as if you were living here yourself.

Globalists recognize no borders.

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We saw the Second Amendment in action. We heard from ranchers who carry rifles and handguns day and night in their ongoing struggle to stay safe and secure on their land, in their homes and the buildings on their properties.

We met and heard from Sue Krentz, the widow of Robert Krentz who was famously and tragically murdered on his property, a 34,000-acre cattle ranch outside Douglas, AZ in 2010. We heard from a resident after resident during the Q&A of the sheriff and prosecutors expressing their deep concern about the ongoing Democrat attacks on our right to bear arms. They were terrified of so-called red flag laws that can be used to confiscate guns in direct violation of due process rights, and they reminded the sheriff that they are miles away from first responders when SHTF.

It was hard to hear. It was hard to see. It was proof that Socialists masquerading as Democrats are pandering and lying to America. It was proof the fake news media is doing everything in its power to keep you from finding out what Curt and I witnessed firsthand. I thank God that Sheriff Mark Dannels and the rest of those brave men and women, many of whom we met, are on that border in defense of our nation every single day fighting not only the criminal invasion of America but an American political party that is enabling the misery.

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