Its sickening to see 15,000 idiots show up to a rally for Elizabeth Warren. Gun owners need to get more active in Washington. The opportunity is there to win your state back. It’s now or never.

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“So, where are Washington’s estimated 1.5-2 million gun owners? A fraction of them appear to be activists, and some even continue to vote straight Democrat tickets, sending anti-gunners back to Washington, D.C. or the state capitol in Olympia, where a handful of strong pro-gun Democrats try to bring some moderation to counter their far left Seattle-area colleagues.

But the activists are fired up, thanks to the announced gubernatorial candidacies of two strong Republicans, Republic Police Chief Loren Culp and State Sen. Phil Fortunato, both profiled by Ammoland News earlier.

Washington has one of the strongest state constitutional right-to-bear-arms provisions in the country, adopted in November 1889 and copied word-for-word by the Arizona state constitution in 1912. It simply states that the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired.

Coupled with the language of the Second Amendment, which prohibits infringement of the right to keep and bear arms, one might presume Washingtonians would never face the daunting attacks on their rights as they do now.

It’s a challenge they will have to meet in November 2020, an in the meantime fend off in Olympia come January.”

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