“It’s very upsetting. It’s unacceptable,” he told me. “If all the bills that have been proposed by the governor pass, it would drive us effectively out of business in Virginia.”

This is how it works. They attack the 2A from every level, and at every turn. Throw as much against the wall as they can and see what sticks. These people are anti American, and working either directly or unknowingly for the communists and/or globalist agenda.

America has many enemies, and all of them need to disarm the civilians of America in order to accomplish their agenda of taking this country down. The production and distribution of firearms to civilians makes it impossible for any government or enemy to take us down.

The next time some bone head liberal who have never seen a gun tells you your AR is useless against a military force, tell them the Mujahideen were shooting Jezails, a muzzle loader like the Kentucky rifle, against the Russian special forces in Afghanistan and won that war. A gun, any gun, in the hands of a large number of troops or a few trained and effective shooters can create havoc. That is the reason those who are afraid of the general populace want us disarmed.

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