Laura Ingraham of Fox News says it’s because of “changing demographics.” That’s only partially true. Virginia went blue because a handful of well-organized pro-Chinese communists made it happen.

When the media tells you it’s one thing, and the facts tell you otherwise, you need to follow the facts. I reposted this story because it’s a bigger story than the 2A Sanctuary movement itself. It is the catalyst for the reaction in VA.

The group in question, New Virginia Majority (NVM), has exploited Virginia’s changing population and “liberal bleed out” from the Washington area to flip not just Northern Virginia but also districts across the state. Based in Alexandria and Richmond, NVM has sent hundreds of paid workers and volunteers out across the commonwealth to register and send to the polls hundreds of thousands of new voters—all under the nose of the Virginia Republican Party.

These are the 15 winners of the 23 supported by a Maoist Chinese organization. The New Virginia Majority is a front for Liberation Road. Liberation Road is the reorganized and Chinese trained communist radicals based in San Francisco from the 70s. Their leaders are American communists trained and educated in China, and sent back to the US to organize groups like The New Virginian Majority.

  • Ghazala Hashmi, Virginia Senate District 10
  • John Bell, Virginia Senate District 13
  • Wendy Gooditis, House District 10
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler, House District 21
  • Elizabeth Guzman, House District 31
  • Dan Helmer, House District 40
  • Kathy Tran, House District 42
  • Hala Ayala, House District 51
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg, House District 72
  • Rodney Willett, House District 73
  • Shelly Simonds, House District 94
  • Steve Descano, Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Parisi Deghani-Tafti, Arlington County and Fall’s Church Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Buta Biberaj, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Phyllis Randall, Chair Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

None of this electoral success was down to luck or changing demographics alone.

This is what Communists do.

“Virginia’s state constitution bars anyone with a felony conviction from voting until their rights have been restored by the governor. For more than nine years, we organized formerly incarcerated women and men to help them demand that their full civil rights be restored. The former governor, Terry McAuliffe, restored the voting rights of more than 173,000 Virginians during his term, more than any other governor in Virginia’s history. In 2016, of the nearly 20,000 men and women who registered to vote for the first time as a result of the restoration of their rights, a whopping 79 percent voted. They were a key voting bloc in Virginia, the only Southern state that Hillary Clinton won.”

NVM worked closely with McAuliffe to win ex-felon voting rights. The organization actually gave the governor an award at its annual dinner for his sterling work.

And the path to success lies in organizing and energizing minority voters who already lean left, but normally vote at very low rates:

Incentivize votes from felons is a big part of why Virginians lost. It’s not about convincing the other side to reconsider their differences or “learning” from people with different views. That is what they want us to do. Why? Because it takes away our time to educate and motivate our own people to vote. Communist strategy is always to attempt to distract and play the “shame game”. If you don’t engage with them, you are somehow a negative element. Similar to calling everything “racist”. Distract you from working to better yourself and like minded people by engaging in fruitless conversations with them.

The book is out on communism. Their tactics are old, unimaginative, and only successful on the apathetic and brainwashed. Ignore the distractions and focus on the Truth. We can never win the hearts and minds of corrupted hearts and minds.

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