Despite overwhelming opposition from gun owners and gun rights groups, Virginia Democratic lawmakers on Friday advanced legislation that would ban the sale of some semiautomatic firearms as well as end the possession of high-capacity magazines.

Gun supporters packed a state House committee room and shouted in protest when legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons like AR-15 style-rifles, prohibit the possession of silencers as well as magazines that hold more than 12 rounds, passed out of committee. The uproar caused Capitol Police to clear the committee room of almost every spectator following the vote, The Associated Press reported.

Not surprising in the least bit. Given the DNC’s control of the legislature, it was expected this would be the eventuality. Though the registration and confiscation scheme has been abandoned, for now. It will be about challenging these “laws” and pushing for injunctions.

“They are the Barbie doll of the gun world,” said Nicholas McGraw, a gun owner from King William County who came to protest the bill Friday. He said he doubts the measure, if passed, would be effective.

“I have friends that are not going to comply,” he said.

Compliance in the existing ban states is practically zero for magazines, and outlawing the sales of AR style weapons will be challenged in court. It was a simple tactic of throwing everything they could against the wall, and it was the DNC who compromised based on the reaction of Virginians. Now begins the fight to restore the rights.

“Assault Weapons” ban strategy used here is a lot like the “Bump Stock” ban. They were hoping for enough public support from the moderate Fudds to get it done. UNLIKE the bump stock ban, this time enough real 2A Supporters stepped up to stop the confiscation, registration, and allow grandfathering. They’ll let the dust settle, wait for or create another shooting, and try again.

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