Levine’s bill provides four options for Virginians who currently possess magazines that hold more than 10 rounds: 1. They can render the magazine “inoperable.” 2. They can “remove” the magazine from Virginia. 3. They can “transfer” the magazine to a person who meets the legal criteria to own one in another state. 4. Surrender the magazine to the state.

He forgot option five. Load them to full capacity and use them. I suppose that’s up to the individual, but as far as I know, mag bans don’t work very well.

Example 1-

Example 2-

If you can’t get the most communist of states to comply, expect not only a refusal to comply, but a push to remove the communists in charge. There are no “down votes” in real life. They are going to have to physically do it. The communists in America a not battle tested. They are the weakest, dumbest, and physically defective s specimens of American society. They are the sexually confused perverts of our society. They are newly minted idiots and buffoons. They prey on the elderly. They never attack anyone capable of defending themselves.

Why do we need standard capacity magazines? Because we have communists in America and American politics. Why are standard capacity magazines being targeted for bans? Because we have communists in America and American politics. Seems like a problem with a ready made solution.

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