Apparently this is not a new problem with Disqus. People are getting a message “you must be logged in” or not getting a message at all. Our web designers are still looking to see why. Here are some solutions so far.

• It’s your antivirus programs which need to approve the website.

You need to update your software.

• Clear your cache and sign out of Disqus and sign back in.

• Or it’s Disqus and it works when it wants to.

Do a Google search for the problem and you will see it originates as far back as 3 years ago or more. The users have never gotten an answer from Disqus, and it persists. Here’s an example.

So I will keep trying, but in the meantime copying and pasting gifs and links are my only solution. I can’t post pics from my files either. I can post my own pics in an OP, but not when just posting in the comments section.

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