Update from the Wiz

I haven’t been on TAC much lately, as this is the beginning of the busy season for me, and most of the efforts have been thrown into complete chaos for the moment. I run a couple of big clay target shoots and attend a number of others.

My plans got thrown in the dumpster a few days ago when schools were cancelled in VA and NC, currently it’s two weeks, but that could easily change. Our first shoot is supposed to be the state high school championships, it’s now in doubt and will probably have to be postponed until mid summer. 8 weeks of limited crowds will put a crimp on most shooting sports for at least the next couple of months or so on the east coast, the first big event of the southern season was cancelled this morning and is not planning on trying to make it up at this point. My gun club suspended all indoor competitions for the foreseeable future, we can still use the range individually but group activities are out for now.

I’ll get back into TAC in a day or two since I’ll be stuck at home for a while. I have to do some impact mitigation on the planned shoots for the summer and see how it goes from there.

As a PSA, talked to a LEO friend this morning, be a little more vigilant for the next couple of weeks. With the business districts closing down and bars and restaurants on closure, petty criminals will have little opportunity for their usual activities. They expect home robberies, car break ins and ATM stickups to rise as people limit how much they are out of the house.

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