The messages show local officials questioning the validity of sanctuary resolutions that were being rapidly adopted by Virginia counties, cities and towns as the new Democratic majorities in the state legislature prepared to pass sweeping gun control measures. The emails also describe confusion among residents about whether living in a so-called gun sanctuary would remove limits on how guns could be bought and sold.

It’s funny that those who are passing, will pass, or have passed unconstitutional gun laws are complaining and devaluing 2A Sanctuaries. Those very people are the ones who created Sanctuary status for illegal immigrants. Hypocrisy…it’s the foundation of tyrants. Laws for thee but not for me.

As far as the Fudds being concerned about the living conditions under which these unconstitutional laws go unenforced. They worry about criminals not following gun laws. As if they ever did. Laws are only valid to the law abiding. The criminals responsible for nearly all the crimes in the world will never be concerned about gun laws. If anything, they are now worried about how they are going to commit their crimes with the rise in citizens purchasing and learning how to use a gun in self defense.

“Remove limits on how guns could be bought and sold”… sounds like the poster we once had who believed in “universal background checks”. “Gun owners” who believe in criminals being deterred by gun laws need to step to the other side of the fence. Those “gun owners” are too stupid to own a gun.

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