I played baseball until my junior year in college. I was introduced to a some fine terms by various coaches I had throughout my baseball years. “Deeked” is a term used to describe getting fooled by an opposing player. As in “you got deeked”. The entire gun grabbing community, outside of their politicians, have been getting “deeked” by Trump.

Again, one of of my baseball coaches used to always drill it into our heads, “It ain’t what you say boys, it’s what you do.” We all heard it as kids and we had a general idea what he meant. But that phrase served me well in my life. It helped me build a company, lead my employees, and managed to help me stay out of a lot of potentially bad relationships. Turns out it is true for all things, and everyone, as we can see by the linked article.

There is a 2nd component of the usage of the term “deek”. When you get “deeked” by an opponent, it means you are a fool, the butt of a joke, an inferior party comparatively to your peers. My HS coach called that person “meat”. Meat is exactly what it means. A piece of meat with “no brains, no backbone, no nothing but meat”…existing merely as food for the strong. It seems that the gun grabbing horde has been nothing but a bunch of meat getting deeked. No matter who has been in charge politically, gun sales and gun ownership keeps going up.

When someone fails to understand it’s not what a politician says, it’s what he does that matters… they are a bunch of meat being deeked. I know plenty of gun grabbers bookmark this site. Hope they enjoy the read.


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