You know how a girl isn’t right for you? She looks down on your Hi-Point and Rock Island reviews. As an enthusiast, I love guns of all kinds, good, bad, and even junk guns that may be questionable to actually shoot. Anything created to assist mankind in defending himself is a plus in my books. Like the partners in our lives, you don’t really know until you really know.

I did a review last year on the C9 because as much as I kid about it, it is a solid budget gun. The people who need a gun the most in this country are the ones who probably have the least amount of expendable income to spend on a gun. Hi-Point puts out a tank of a gun which is reliable if not cosmetically pleasing.

Yes, it looks like a power drill. Yes it is heavy for what it is. No, there are not a lot of accessories and holsters available for it. No it is not comfortable to carry. No it is not slim nor ideal for carry. But it is accurate beyond its price point. It is 100% American made. It has a no questions asked lifetime warranty no matter if you bought it new or used. And it goes bang every time you ask it too, just don’t feed it steel case ammo.

Now there is a “custom limited edition”. You all know about it. The Yeet Cannon made the news a few months ago when Hi-Point asked its customers to name their Gen 2 C-9. Someone submitted “Yeet Cannon”, and it went viral on the internet (sadly PHX9 didn’t make the cut or warrant viral love). And it is about time someone came out with a review on this iconic American made fire arm. Bless you Travis Pike.

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