If you have read the title, and you are still reading, God bless you. It’s been my life long aspiration to reach out to those who want to arm themselves but are not knowledgeable about firearms. It is easy to be intimidated by the endless choices and opinions available in the gun world today. Many Americans are also on a tight budget. It’s hard to buy a $500 gun for a single mom who is waitressing tables, or a young person just starting out life. A hand gun can be purchased for as little as $50, but will it work? The first rule of firearms self defense is having a reliable, functioning and lethal enough weapon to do the job. Is there such a thing as a budget friendly, but reliable enough and powerful enough gun for self defense? I think the Taurus G2C is not only such a gun, but the best available budget self defense carry hand gun in its class.


To address the white elephant in the room, I’ll admit that Taurus has made some lemons in the past. All gun makers do. But in my opinion, Taurus got this one right. The G2C is comparable in size to the Glock 26, but has 2 additional rounds of capacity, 12 rounds vs 10. Both are chambered for 9mm. The current stock of 9mm self defense rounds are plenty capable in the role of self defense. Both guns are in the sub compact class. The G26 is fatter in my hand and shorter in the grip. I find the Taurus easier to carry and fits my hands better, I have medium size hands (no jokes ladies). The Taurus out the door price for me is $215, while the Glock would be between $550-$600. While the Glock has a great history behind its legendary reliability, I don’t know that it’s twice or three times as good or reliable as this example of the Taurus. Both guns are made for the same role, and they are chambered for the same round. This reviewer gives a better visual demonstration than I can. It’s worth the watch.


Right about now, some one is saying, yeah it’s the same approximate size, but it’s a Taurus and it’s gonna break apart as soon as you squeeze the trigger. Well, I haven’t shot this gun yet, but I did do a field strip to check the construction and quality of the workmanship. The internals are remarkably similar to the Glock, as is the take down of the gun Unless the quality of the polymer and the metallurgy are drastically inferior, I don’t expect the Taurus to break apart any more than the Glock would. I will do a range test in the near future as soon as I can get some help with photography (looking at you Joe). Can’t shoot and take pics at the same time without risking catastrophic failure, though that may amuse or make some readers happy. I did manage to come across this reviewer on YouTube that has 2000 “flawless” rounds through the gun. Take this for what it’s worth.


So what’s the Catch 22? It’s affordable, it’s reliable(based on research), it’s powerful enough, it’s got more capacity than the G26, how come it’s more than half the price? The answer is volume. Taurus is a volume producer of guns. They sell guns all over the world. They sell more guns than Glock because people can afford to get themselves and their significant others armed with a Taurus for the price of one Glock. In no way am I saying the Taurus is a better gun than the Glock, I’m not a design engineer or a metallurgist. The Glock is a proven battle pistol, a go to war gun. The Taurus however may be a better value gun based on its ability to arm more than one person due to its price point, and reliability. Is it my SHTF gun? No, my Glock is. Is it going to last longer than me? Depends on how many rounds I put down range with it. Does it have great resale value? No, one of the worst in the industry. Will it put 12 plus one rounds of 9mm slugs into a rapist coming at a waitress making $10 dollars an hour on a night shift? Based on what I’ve seen, read, and personally examined? Absolutely. You can spend more to get more, but you don’t have to if you don’t need or want to. This is why, in my opinion, the Taurus G2C earns the title “The Working Man/Woman’s Glock”.


As always, thank you for your support. Thank you to MMP guns, Joe and Henry for the freebie stickers and cheapo transfer fee. If you aren’t already an Armed Citizen, become one. If you already are, arm the rest! Tumultuous times are ahead. If you go out the door unarmed, you’re putting yourself at risk to be the next statistic in the crime factory. As Sooch always says, God Bless America and Long Live the Republic.?????? Don’t forget to vote and have a great week everyone.


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