The State of Virginia is Proposing a New Law that Would Criminalize all Martial Art and Self-Defense Training


I told myself I was going to stay off the blog sites this Holiday and just relax, but when I saw this, I had to say something.

The State of Virginia is proposing a new law that would criminalize all “paramilitary” activity. This means all martial art training, self-defense training, kickboxing, boxing, krav maga, BJJ, etc, etc, etc, would now be a FELONY with substantial penalties.

WTF is wrong with these people!!??!!

Apparently, it’s not enough that we pander to criminals and give the upper hand to those inclined to break laws and live a life of chaos and destruction.

Now they want to make sure that all would-be victims are completely and totally defenseless. No self-defense training of any kind.

This is complete and total insanity.

Some details of the new law:

The State of Virginia, now entirely run by truly insane Democrats, is proposing a new 2020 law known as SB64 (see link here) which will be taken up by the Democrat-run Senate beginning January 8, 2020.

The law would instantly transform all martial arts instructors into criminal felons. This includes instructors who teach kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, boxing and even Capoeira.

It would also criminalize all firearms training classes, including concealed carry classes.

Specifically, the law says that a person “is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity” (a class 5 felony) if that person:

“Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons…”

The phrase “technique capable of causing injury or death to persons” covers all forms of martial arts and self-defense training, including Krav Maga, BJJ, boxing and other contact martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do or Tai Chi.

Under the proposed law, all forms of self-defense training — including hand-to-hand martial arts training — would be considered “paramilitary activity,” even if the training consists of private classes involving just one instructor and one student. That’s because every form of martial arts training imparts skills which could be used to cause injury to other persons.

In fact, according to the language of the law, just “one” person learning such arts is a felony crime, which means that watching a DVD on Krav Maga would be a felony crime.

Learning martial arts isn’t just about learning technique. It’s about learning a MIND SET that says “I WILL NOT BE A VICTIM!!!” It’s about learning how to stand up for yourself and NOT allow criminals to rule your world.

But … this apparently is too much for some in our society. In England, it is a CRIME to fight back against criminals!!! I kid you not!!! IF you fight back and actually HURT the individual(s) who are intent on robbing you, stealing from you, hurting you, raping you, etc, then it is YOU who face criminal charges!!!!

THAT is complete 100 percent INSANITY.

We must not allow this mind set to take hold in America.

Not now. Not ever.



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