There are people in this world that some how manage to dehumanize themselves into hapless animals. When I see a person shooting people who are unarmed in a place where guns are not allowed, I think to myself “those people never had a chance, they don’t have the training or the guns to defend themselves”.

When a sheep sees these shootings, they say to themselves “man these people never had a chance, shooters should be disarmed”. What causes people who are born (even single cell amoebas) , with a will to survive to turn into sheep? Domestication. The reason sheep can be herded and processed into food or material for clothing is because they are domesticated. Man has learned how to domesticate weaker individuals in his own species in order to predate upon them.

The process of enslaving people has been around since the dawn of time. The greatest weapon of this process is fear. Fear is what causes people to panic and fight or flee. Once the fight is taken away from a person, or bred out of them, they become sheep. Terrorism, domestic or otherwise, is conducted by people with a lower level of fear because they are armed with weapons, and those who are afraid are not. Fear comes from lack of faith, training, ability, and access to defensive tools.

Our society is full of fearful people. They are afraid the criminals and “crazy” people will kill them. They are afraid the government will take their rights away. They are afraid the world will end. They are afraid to die, something they all know will eventually happen to everyone. Fear is what drives the power base of all tyrants. Without fear they have no control.

The greatest weapon is faith. Even a person with no skills, tools, or intelligence can survive with faith. I have faith that our covenant between our patriotic brothers and sisters are divinely protected, and blessed. Our cause is righteous and just. As our enemies closed one door, we were prepared and responded with no fear.

The Armed Citizens channel was posting on the Website the same day Disqus pulled the plug. We had a home before others even heard the bad news. We are fully operational less than one week after the disquspoccalypse. I never feared. I will never be afraid of anything because I know I am protected by my creator. Strength in faith can never be defeated. I have faith that our Creator will guide us as long as we put in the work. I have worked around the clock to prove him right. I/we are not sheep. We are His children born to do His bidding.

So while the rest of the world cowers to the evil acts of men, and wait for their politicians to save them from their fears, or are fearful of their politicians taking away their rights, I stand by my faith. I fear not one thing on this earth and nor should you. Wield your biggest weapon, your faith. If you are armed with a weapon, but you lack the faith to run it, you have reason to be fearful. If you are armed with faith, and lack a weapon, have no fear you will be provided with whatever weapon you need. We will not all have the same role in His plans. You will always be armed if you have … FAITH. However you see our Creator, now is the time to be with Him.

Block out your fears of gun control and frivolous laws. Open your heart and mind to the Creator and prepare for the fight.

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