I have been helping out at the shop the last few weekends because of the flood of buyers taking advantage of tax season, and the DNC pushing gun control in Arizona. Being around a gun shop all my adult life, and the past few weekends, reminds me of something I already knew, but is rarely discussed.

The ultimate gate keeper of all legal commercial gun purchases are the gun shop owners and the gun shop employees. Even if a person can pass the NICS background check, and is otherwise “legal” to get an a gun, it is still the prerogative of the establishment to either proceed or deny a sale. Given the liability of ATF sanctions, civil litigation, and even jail time, virtually all gun retailers abide by the letter of the law.

If a person is even suspected of a straw purchase, or in any way shows improper conduct, the establishment can deny a sale even if the person passes all legal obligations required to make a purchase. If a customer gives any hint impropriety in any way, that gun will not be sold. The point being, a legal sale is already backed up by NICS and further scrutinized by the retailer. Criminals will get their guns no matter what we do as a society. All the barriers for illegal sales at the retail level are already in place.

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