I will be in and out today again. I’m working on the projects I have told some of you about. Amongst which is to get industry contacts directly with manufacturers. Byron, the GM at MMP Guns, knows pretty much anyone who is anyone in the gun industry. We are working Byron to provide you with information straight from his e-mail box in some cases. We will also be introduced to all the distributors, sales reps, and in some cases the decision makers or even CEOs of gun companies themselves.

We hope to be the another consumer voice for the gun industry. We will maintain our stance on providing unbiased opinions and reviews. None of these relationships result in Joe or me getting a paycheck. We want to create a channel of communication between consumers (T.A.C Blog, Pew) and manufacturers through a top 3 retailer in AZ (MMP Guns).

This is a project in the very beginning phases. We are in discussions now on the scope, infrastructure, and operational protocol for our venture. If this happens as we envision, and it will in my opinion, we will have exclusive inside information, contacts, and our own reviews of anything which goes boom. Cross your fingers.

This is an example of what I’m talking about. This is an e-mail our of Byron’s in box when he got to work this morning.

There are no reviews on the web, or YouTube. The only mention of this gun was on Reddit 3 days ago. In the future we hope to have the announcement, and the first review done (table top, and range video) before anyone else does.

We will attempt to get the latest and greatest products to table top and the range before anyone else. A huge thanks to Byron and the owner of MMP Guns for giving us this opportunity , amongst all the other great things I can’t speak to you about yet at this point.

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