I had a discussion about “Assault Weapons” last night with a commenter that has been on our forum before. An intelligent person with very limited gun knowledge. During our conversation, I was reminded of how much knowledge is lost on good people. This person isn’t anti gun, just anti “what the MSM and politicians have made guns out to be”.

This commenter asked a very common question, why does anyone need an “assault weapon” which could harm a lot of people? Normally, I would ignore the question and move on. But this commenter isn’t a troll, it was an honest question. I answered it in the same way I have for decades.

It dawned on me that because my family has been engaged in war with communists for 5 generations, (communists existed in Vietnam before we called them communists) that not everyone automatically understands what forced disarmament and subjugation is like. It’s ingrained in every fiber of my body. It’s what makes me pledge my life to this country.

I was born in Vietnam, but I am an American by the naturalization process. Vietnam no longer exists for me. It was a country that was taken over by communists. By the books, that country is still call Vietnam, but I don’t recognize thieves that stole, raped and murdered my people. Anyone who sympathizes with them, is persona non grata to me.

I am an American by the grace of God, and purposefully so. God placed me in this country because he wanted me here. I’m doing what I’m doing because God has guided me to this point in my life. I’m not religious, but I have faith. I’m not delirious, but I listen to my conscience. I’m not a preacher, but I will speak.

I said all that to say this. People must understand the root gun control. They must understand the history of gun control. They must understand the effects of gun control. I have had the personal experience of being in a country where gun control was the law. Gladly, I’m alive because my dad was in the armed forces, and my neighbors back then were patriots and defied the law. I would be remiss in my duty to the country that harbored me if I didn’t do my part to educate and remind my fellow Americans, of what Gun Control has done, is doing, and will do.

I have posted this movie before, but I will keep posting it periodically. It is a comprehensive look at the ravages of gun control. If you have seen it before, pass it on. We have viewers from all over the world daily, not many, but it only takes one match to start a fire. They don’t post, but they look. I know this movie will make a difference to people like my dear friend and commenter who posed the question.

Once we are gone, who will pass the torch? If not us now, who will when we pass on? Please do your part, and get the message out however and whenever you can. There is no other America on earth. This is it. There is nowhere else to go. We are the last vestige of freedom. Do it for those who will follow us, and for those who came before us and gave us our freedom. Make your stand. I know I am. I owe it, and my life to this country.

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