It is becoming obvious that our society has either degenerated into a dangerous environment, or has been engineered to be a dangerous environment. Whether you believe mass shootings are artificially created by whomever for gun control or whatever reason, or you believe there are people amongst us that blow a gasket at some point and decide to go on a rampage, the fact remains these “events” are occurring. Add to that the increasingly clear division between left and right in America, the potential if not inevitable influx of immigrants (many of whom will create a threat if crime reports from Europe and Canada are to be believed), it is my opinion that an Active Shooter Kit is an essential part of any vehicle.


Before I discuss what I consider to be the essential contents of a good Active Shooter Kit, or ASK, let’s “ask” why a thing is necessary. Most folks who are in the gun community already have their EDC carry kit and CCW weapon, why carry more gear? Let’s break down the reasons I believe a person would need such a kit or set up.


1) The “event” will involve one or more participants who are armed at a higher level than an typical criminal committing an attempted assault, robbery, or rape. As we have seen, groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or any large gathering of “ activists” can turn violent quickly, and they are armed with clubs, knives, large blades, and numerous other make shift melee weapons. While a normal every day carry handgun may be enough for a single or multiple assailant situation in which robery, rape or assault maybe the intent, a large group attacking you with sticks or worse would be difficult to defend against with a handgun alone. Especially if it is a concealed compact hand gun. You will need more firepower in the event of a terrorist type attack.


2) You maybe stranded and away from medical, law enforcement, food/water sources for an extended period of time. As we have seen from the Parkland shooting, Sherrifs stood down while the shooting continued inside the school. While first responders are on the way, or strategizing their approach, you maybe stuck on your own to deal with whatever is transpiring for hours on end. You will need to have a medical kit and food/water in case the ordeal is ongoing, for yourself or to help others with you. You or others could require immediate medical attention before help arrives. If a wound does not kill you instantly, bleeding out is the most common cause of death. You may also need your own specific medicine such as insulin for diabetics.


3) The LEAST likely, most undesirable, but must be accounted for scenario, you may have to fight your way to safety, and/or have to engage the shooter/s. Antifa, in specific, has gathered in mobs and have openly attacked people in broad daylight. Up to this point, they have not used firearms, or killed anyone. It is inevitable that they will escalate at some point. A 15 shot semi auto with a back up magazine may not be sufficient to hold off a mob. In fact, I would not bet my life on it. They may be shooting at you. You will need more than just a pistol to survive that scenario. Again, Isis suspects have been arrested while planning large scale attacks in crowded locations here on American soil.


I will go in depth about the items I have for my personal kit as we continue with this series. I wanted to introduce the concept, and why I believe it is important that I have a kit set up. We are approaching a boiling point in our daily existence. I don’t want to paint a picture of gloom and doom or panic reaction syndrome. As well, I’m doing my best not to exaggerate our social climate of hostility. However, we all see what’s happening around us, and I believe it is prudent to prepare against the worst scenario, hope none of it ever occurs.


Thank you for your support, and kindness. I appreciate all your posts, and encourage more of you to post about topics you would like to share. Keeping our community educated and informed is my passion. There is no stronger thing than a motivated, educated and informed human being. As always, if you’re not an Armed Citizen, become one. If you already are, arm the rest. God Bless America and Long Live the Republic, thanks for the tag line Sooch.


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