I have been missing in action for the last 17 days. I was told to take a day off by the boss. In the 17 days I was at the shop, I have witnessed some interesting things. Like all panic gun buying sprees, the ammo is the first to run dry. 9mm, 5.56, 40 and 45 ACP, and 12 guage is the first to go.

Most of the buyers are first time gun owners. It’s interesting to hear people say, “I’m getting a gun because it’s going to get crazy out there”. The fact of the matter is…it has already been crazy. People just haven’t bothered to see the truth until now. It’s inconsequential whether you believe the virus is a legitimate thing or not, people are reacting as if it’s the Zombie apocalypse. Overnight, people have become gun owners who could have cared less about guns before.

The had a customer say “I laughed at tin foil preppers before, and now I’m buying a gun”. All these decades of people saying I’m a conspiracy theorist, and tin foil person has proven to be quite the opposite. As I have always stated, I’d rather be wrong and happy than right and miserable. There is no satisfaction in “I told you so”. Being prepared doesn’t give me any satisfaction either. I’m not the kind of person who would price gouge people for highly sought after commodities. So in the end, I’m watching the inevitable unfold.

Th scariest part of all of this is there is a large amount of people who have a weapon in their hands who have never fired one or have the training to properly defend themselves. To them, having a gun is all that is required. I hope this blows over, otherwise things will be quite messy.

I hope all of you are well and prepared. Thanks to Pogo and Wiz for keeping the blog alive in my absence. And to all the liberals who I sold a gun to (you know who you are lol) …vote Republican or it will only get worse.

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