This lady is a hero in my book.

“Representative O’Rourke finally said out loud what many have obfuscated for years,” she testified. “He essentially said he does want to take away the guns that are designed to kill. And let me assure you, if someone threatens me or mine, that’s exactly what I want it to do.”

That’s the plain truth about having a Modern Sporting Rifle right there. We can not defend the country against enemies foreign and domestic with outdated technology. All guns are/were weapons of war at one time or another. The bolt rifle was a weapon of war in WWI, the revolver was a weapon of war in the Civil War. The AR-15 is a gun which would fair well in war today. So what?

Hupp criticized gun control proposals floating around Congress, in particular the demand from former El Paso congressman Beto O’Rourke, who has focused his presidential campaign on a crusade to tighten gun laws and to ban and confiscate assault-style weapons. Tighter background checks “always lead to confiscation,” she asserted after the hearing. She called red flag laws unnecessary and mandatory gun buybacks a “hugely bad idea.”

This woman was in a mass shooting. Her parents died in that shooting because she followed a law. She knows the truth. The truth is the DNC and Beto want you to cower to them for protection. No different than the mafia wants local businesses to pay them for protection money. “Give us your guns and pay us to protect you or more mass shootings will take place.” That’s the plan. It’s a protection racket on a world wide scale.

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