“Most recently the best example is the governor of Virginia talking about unconstitutional actions that have caused a near uprising in the state of Virginia, where 85 out of 95 counties have expressed an interest to defy their governor. So it is an issue, and anybody who thinks it’s not is not paying attention,” Jones said

“Other counties are hearing about it. Stokes County will have it on the agenda Monday night. I was told by the chairman of the Wilkes County Commissioners several days ago they are going to try and do it in Wilkes County. I’ve been contacted by people in Lenore and Craven County which is over by the coast,” Jones explained. “I’m hoping that this will sweep the state of North Carolina similar to what’s happened in Virginia.”

The thing that scares the Democratic National Communists the most is these counties represent votes in 20’. They aren’t afraid of getting deposed and imprisoned like the Chinese do with their political dissidents. They aren’t really understanding the feelings of real Americans. We no longer just want them out of office. We want them held responsible for their crimes. These people are openly supporting the Chinese communists, and they are guilty of treason not sedition.

It’s one thing to talk about overthrowing a government, it’s another to engage in espionage and colluding with foreign governments to attempt a coup of a sitting president, and to use the resources of the Chinese Communists and take allegiance with the same. These people have crossed the line of sedition with simply ignoring and attempting to destroy the Constitution. They are actively engaged with a foreign state/s in an attempt to ever throw the country.

Stop sugar coating what the DNC is by calling it “sedition”. These are traitors, and they need to be held accountable for their crimes. This is the reason the 2A Sanctuaries are more than symbolic. The defiance of the people is a window into the mind of Americans. We will no longer obey the traitorous activities of corrupt politicians. An armed populace with an eye for prosecuting criminals is not comforting to the elites who live and die by their fraudulent polls. The 2A Sanctuaries are destroying their belief they have conquered the hearts and minds of the general public. That is the strength of these resolutions.

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