“And, by the way, my rights don’t end where your feelings begin,” the students said. “Come and take it.”


This is what I have been hoping Americans would do. Stop reaching out to the defective mentally retarded, the communist indoctrinated, the “undecided”, rather, start with the blank slate of the committed and unsoiled minds. These 15,000 young Americans and others like them are not “undecided”.

They have the intelligence and moral integrity to stand on the side of righteousness. There are millions of them in America who can successfully be reached. They will teach their children the same, and not allow the corrupt communist system to brainwash future generations.

It took multiple generations for the communists to degrade our country. It will take multiple generations to take our country back. We aren’t going to win the war by talking down the other side. We aren’t going to win the war by “philosophical growth”. We aren’t going to win the war by altering the hearts and minds of communists. We may not have to fight a physical war if we stand our ground. We will win the war if we capture our nation’s youth. Our generation’s job is to hold the ground long enough to teach the youth of America.

These kids are people who are already convinced of which side they belong on. They know right from wrong. They know which sex they were born. They just lack life experience and historical perspective. They lack the strategy to combat communism. Every wishy washy person you try to sway is wasted energy that could be used to educate someone already willing.

Of what use is growing personally if the growth you gained is enslaved by communism? You’ll just be an enlightened person in a dark world. I’d rather be a, not so bright and unfulfilled person, in the light of truth, and in a world of freedom. That world allows a person to seek growth and fulfillment of potential. A horse behind a carriage goes nowhere.

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