While Glock rolled out solution for which there was no problem with the 22lr GLOCK 44 (which is pegged at ridiculous $400-$450), Smith and Wesson introduces a solution for which there is a legitimate problem. The 380 EZ was introduced in 2018 as a medium hand sized gun which had user friendly features. The slide was easy to manipulate and the magazine had a pull down tab similar to the one found on 22lr magazines. The larger size allowed the gun to make the 380 ACP more manageable than pocket guns which are chambered in the same caliber.

The 380 EZ is a big hit for those who are suffering from arthritis or have reduced hand strength. It was also a great transitional gun for younger or novice shooters going from 22lr to a more recognized defensive round. Although 380ACP ballistics are much more effective with modern defensive loads, it is still not a premium self defense choice. Shooters who want more stopping power from the same easy to use platform now have an alternative. The 380 EZ is coming out in 9mm.

It will be shipped with two 8 round magazines, and will incorporate all the features that made the 380 EZ a big success. The MSRP is $479. That is a very reasonable price, and one would expect the street price to settle down to around $350-$380 after the initial introduction.

Now this is a new model worth waiting for. As an aside, Justapewreviews will be reviewing the 380 EZ, just a coincidence since I’m a fan of the 380 EZ, as well as the Taurus TX22.

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