We had a couple of the MMP armorers join us today. Randy and Henry (Joe’s father) flew in last night. They came to assist in ordering new products, analyze the mechanics of new guns and gear. We stopped by the Taylor and Company booth to view their awesome single action guns. We visited the ATI display to look at the bull pup shotgun. The forward magazine clamp has been cleared by the ATF for sale.

The Shadow Systems is a competitive option to the Zev Industries platform we discussed in the podcast. They are similiar in concept with a few variations. All in all a busy day 3. Headed out to dinner with Davidson’s and back tomorrow to close out SHOT 2020. We try to give you the experience of the show as if you were here with us. There will be a lot of footage to cut and edit. We will post them as soon as we can. Thank you to MMP Guns for making it happen, and thanks to our followers for participating.

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