No surprise here. Another shooter, another group of victims, another area where guns are not allowed. People continue to overlook the fact that 94-98% of “mass shootings” occur in gun free zones, depending on the source. Proponents of citizen self defense claim that the ability to shoot under pressure not knowing who the shooter is decreases in a real life event. Well no shit Sherlock. That is going to be the case for the responding police officers as well. We all are susceptible to decreased motor skills under stress, in general.

I want to take my chances of surviving one of these events with decreased motor skills and a gun, versus being an unarmed sitting duck with even more decreased motor skills because I’m scared shitless I’m going to die next. I train enough to bet my life on my skill sets with a gun in a do or die situation. I don’t go to places that will not allow me to carry a gun. The SHOT show was a rare exception.

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