In a letter to Benjamin dated December 3, 2019, Wilson references this provision – informing the mayor that “the regulation of firearms is one … area deemed by the Legislature to be beyond the reach of a municipality or county.”

“We have consistently interpreted this statutory provision to preempt firearm regulation by local governments across the board,” Wilson wrote.

I call out politicians for being corrupt and vote whores when they are those things. I also give credit to the very few who stand by the Constitution. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Actions not only speak louder than words. Actions always override the spoken word. One can lie and fool people with words, but actions are the ultimate truth. Words are merely descriptive of an act.

South Carolina AG Alan Wilson is backing the law. Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin is breaking the law. Wilson is an honest public servant, one of the very few, and Benjamin is representing what most politicians are. He’s a vote whore. He garners his votes from his wife’s policy of “justice reform” to win favor from criminals (a lot like VA allowing convicted felons to vote). His wife is S.C. circuit court judge DeAndrea Benjamin .

Oh, and the fact that his wife – S.C. circuit court judge DeAndrea Benjamin – and so many of her judicial colleagues keep putting violent criminals back on the streets in the name of “justice reform.”

“Vote for me and my wife, and her colleagues, will let you off with a slap on the wrist”. And mayors are often themselves criminals. The same people who trust to disarm you are themselves criminals. Here are a few.

In the end, politicians are like people. They have the same vices and sins. The difference is their vices and sins are put on a much bigger platter than the rest of us, thus their likelihood of succumbing to temptation, and ultimately succumbing to those vices and sins are much greater. Hence, the overwhelming majority of them are whores to their personal desires and gains. It’s not a stereotype if the person is stereotypical of the stereotype. That’s just the facts.

It’s always pleasant to find a good amongst the trash heap of politics. Salute to AG Alan Wilson. Now finish the job and prosecute Steve and DeAndrea Benjamin. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to uncover all their crimes against the citizens of Columbia.

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