Photograph shows naked Democratic congresswoman brushing hair of female campaign worker

An explicit photograph sheds light on California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill’s three-way relationship with her husband and a staffer, which lasted over a year before she broke off the arrangement early this year.

Unknown to the staffer or Hill’s husband, the congresswoman had allegedly been having an affair with another staffer, her legislative director Graham Kelly, for about a year when she broke off the throuple, according to texts and photos received by RedState.

The staffer involved in the three-way relationship is a young woman who joined Hill’s campaign for Congress in 2017 right after graduating college. The romance began shortly after the staffer, then 22 years old, joined the campaign. Hill’s side-affair with Kelly began sometime in 2018 when Kelly was her finance director. Hill’s husband filed for divorce after discovering the California representative’s relationship with Kelly.

Pictures and texts provided to RedState confirm Hill’s relationship with her female staffer, which was previously unknown before the outlet broke the news on Friday.

During the throuple’s relationship, the staffer began joining the married couple on vacations, including one to Alaska. Several photos of Hill and the staffer taken during that vacation have leaked, with the staffer’s face blurred.

Hill broke off the relationship sometime after moving to Washington, D.C., in January 2019. She said that ending the relationship was to minimize political risk and so that she could devote herself to the “important work” she was doing as a member of Congress. The staffer appeared to be heartbroken over Hill’s decision but accepted her reasons.

RedState obtained screenshots of texts between the two exchanged after Hill broke off the relationship. The texts were sent and received on the staffer’s phone.
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