A civilian on the sidewalk snapped this photo, showing a member of the Democrats’ security force, dangerously pointing a firearm at the crowd of civilians. By any standard, this unequivocally violates basic safety rules and calls into question training, and protocol.

William J. Hayden who attended the protest said: “You can clearly see he is pointing the weapon at us. This is why they want complete and total disarmament of the civilian population. And in New Jersey, where the right is diminished, this should be a wake up call to even those that think only the government should have firearms……”

If the situation were reversed, and protesters are pointing weapons back at Pelosi and her entourage, how would that have gone down. Yet people say I’m overreacting. Scoping the crowd of the political opponent is apparently all good if it’s done for Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure this will create mass outrage with Youtube Gun Safety Nazis.

I find it asinine for people who claim “you are making the gun community look bad with bad gun handling”. Who do we look bad to? The anti gun crowd who demonize us for merely being pro constitution? Do you think we will win the battle of “hearts and minds” of the antigun liberals by keeping our ammo in a separate room while simply cleaning our fitting arms? Or making sure we pause five minutes between shots at the range? Or safety checking our weapons maniacally while make a YouTube video?

The irony is that the biggest critics of gun owners are gun owners themselves. If you criticize the minutiae of gun safety, and ignore the fact that Nan’s snipers are pointing guns at you, you’re exactly why we are where we are in America today. I safety check my weapons as needed, not as a matter of compliance to “I’m a gun owner …but”. And by the way, that is probably a bolt rifle pointed at the crowd. Looks just like a “Fudd deer rifle”, but it’s painted black. They will use that as the narrative to ban “hunting guns” as well for the Fuddtards lurking.

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