Here it comes. The legislation to disarm law abiding citizens. Why bother with gun control when you can just make a law that says “You’re too crazy to have a gun, and we really don’t have to prove anything other than what we say.”

I know a lot of people think that removing guns from “crazy” people is the right thing to do. How did that help the Parkland shooting. He had 31 contacts with law enforcement, including an FBI warning which was ignored. How does it help when these people are legally purchasing guns within days or weeks of their shootings? Its not as if they had guns for years and “suddenly snapped”. Gilroy shooter bought his gun a week before his shooting. The El Paso shooter planned his shooting 30 days in advance. If they were “crazy”, how did they seem normal enough to buy a gun? How did they pass the background check? Why didn’t people call the cops about them being crazy to prevent them from buying their guns?

So the solution is to wait until they buy their gun, look to see if they exhibit the “snap characteristics”, call the cops and disarm them? Did anyone call the cops on these “snappers”? Seems like their moment of “snap” coincided with their purchase of guns and writing of manifestos. And apparently, no one saw it coming to call the authorities even if the laws were in place.

Every leftist thinks any gun owner is crazy to start with. So now we are going to arm them with the ability to call the police and have them come and take a person’s guns away. You better call your GOP reps and congressional crew and tell them don’t expect a vote from you if they cower. If people truly “snap”, their actions won’t be known until their “snap” moment. If they exhibit crazy behavior, why isn’t anyone calling the authorities on the past 3 shooters? If they didn’t then, why would they now?

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