SMITHVILLE, MO (KCTV) — When we heard Platte County authorities were searching for six “wolf hybrids” that escaped a property near Smithville, we had to send KCTV5’s Emily Rittman to find out more.

When the dogs first escaped, they were originally reported to the sheriff’s office as six wolf hybrids. Since then, the Missouri Department of Conservation tracked their lineage and found they are not wolf hybrids.

At last check, the two dogs are still roaming the area.

Many neighbors who live near State Route 92 and Hornback Road have pets and livestock, which they try to protect from predators.

One owner discovered one of the six escaped dogs on their property, though. “One of them ended up attacking some goats in the area and was killed by the property owner,” explained Major Erik Holland with the Platte County Sheriff’s Office.

After that, and out of an abundance of caution, the sheriff’s office shared photos of the dogs on social media asking the community to report sightings of them.

“We have had some reports of livestock that they’ve already killed, that is why we are treating this a little differently than your average dog that ran away from a house,” said Holland.

Home security cameras captured video around 5:45 this morning not far from Lowman Road and State Route 92. It could be the two remaining loose dogs.

Out of the six, one dog was shot. Another returned home on its own. A neighbor spotted two other dogs and their owners came and retrieved them.

Anytime you are dealing with an animal they may be friendly with their owners or people they know,” Holland said. “We don’t know how they will react to people they don’t know or if they are scared. We are just asking people to try not to catch them. Stay away from them and call us.”

We spoke to one of the animals’ owners off camera. He said he is cooperating with law enforcement and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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