State Rep. Ron Hood, a longtime champion of gun rights and among a handful of lawmakers at the rally, said “every time one of these tragedies happen … there is always a call for some ‘common-sense’ gun law. I would like you to tell me what is a common-sense gun law?”
Gun buybacks, an assault-weapons ban, red-flag laws, gun-free zones and other proposals make no sense, Hood said, because they take away people’s ability to defend themselves.
“If no one in a school has a gun except a criminal, is that common sense?” asked Hood, R-Ashville. “If you want to defend, you need more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.”
Hood is sponsoring a “constitutional carry bill,” which would allow Ohioans to carry hidden handguns without a permit or training as is currently required.

That’s what the pro gun politician is saying. The people of Ohio are a little bit more direct.

Ohio Gun Owners touts its membership as no-compromise supporters of the Second Amendment, and Dorr has been highly critical of DeWine and other elected officials seeking to infringe on the right to bear arms, warning that they would face political repercussions if gun control measures are enacted.

Last month, the governor’s office referred Dorr to the State Highway Patrol after he threatened politicians in a video posted on Facebook saying “there will be political bodies laying all over the ground. … We gun owners will pull the trigger and leave the corpse for the buzzards.”

No need to read between the lines there. Let’s hope the politicians do the right thing. The alternative is no joke.

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