New York University law professor James Jacobs has been studying the law and its effects for years, and he’s come to the conclusion that the law is a failure; an “exercise in symbolic politics” rather than a real public safety measure.

Jacobs goes on to note the lack of compliance with the SAFE Act’s registration requirement for so-called “assault weapons,” estimating about 10% of New York’s gun owners complied with that aspect of the law.

I suspect 10% is a high estimate. The historical compliance rates in ban states and countries are around 3-5%. The reality is a person would have to be caught in the act and/or blatantly announcing they are breaking the law to be caught. There is no active enforcement of any of these gun laws, including the “bump stock ban”.

At the end of the day, when they claim 2A Sanctuaries to be symbolic, they are ignoring the blatant non compliance preceding their proposed laws. 117 of the 134 counties and cities in VA are now sanctuaries. 87% and still growing. That isn’t symbolic. That is raw data. That is a fact. We The People will not comply.

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