This is how America came to the point we are at. I remember watching people drop their guns off at the gun shop for a “cleaning”. After the customer left, the gun shop guys would say “it’s their money, and we will provide the service”. This was in the 80s. I remember when my dad gave me my first pistol. We spent the whole day going over the 38 special revolver. He showed me how to clean and disassemble and reassemble it after we shot it. We did everything short of removing the side plate.

The same process was done with cleaning fish and game. He cleaned a fish, had me watch, then I processed the rest of the fish. He guided me with tips. The same process with game birds. I was into my 3rd deer hunt before I dressed my first deer. By the time I was 16, I was able to hunt, fish, field dress, process meat, fish, and various other game. Every weapon I ever owned, I could at least field strip. Most of them, I could take down completely.

I’m not busting the balls of people who use this service, and I commend the people who came up with the idea. But as with all things, a good thing can be abused. If a hunger who is too busy to get his deer processed because of time constraints uses this service, it’s a great thing. If a person takes down game and stops short of learning how to deal with the carcass, it’s a bad thing in my opinion. The further one gets a way from the spirit of self sufficiency, and depends on the system, the further one slips away from freedom.

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