This is in no way to compare today’s America with those dreadful events, but there are some lessons to be learned. If a gun ban can’t be enforced with the death penalty, don’t expect a five-year prison term to be effective. Don’t expect overwhelming compliance with gun registration from a public that sees it as just a step to confiscation.

The author is referring to all the disarmament of civilians in the past. Pointing out the French disarmament prior to World War II. How effective was gun control with the death penalty being the penalty for failure to comply?

Unregistered firearms facilitated the beginning of the French Resistance against the Nazis. After the war, it was estimated that, despite potential execution, less than one-third of some 3 million hunting guns had been turned in to the authorities.  

Any time you hear DNC, it is a synonym for Communism. Virginians are being subjugated under communist laws. Communists backed by Maoist fundamentalists. And what is the decree of the Chinese communists?

It’s not like they are hiding it. When it’s this blatant, it needs to be repeated for all to hear. Communists are scared little people who depend on strength in numbers, or more appropriately, cowards run in packs. Cowards also run in the dark. Every day, every minute of the day, I will keep calling them out.

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