The gunman who killed two congregants at a Texas church last month had been charged years earlier with a felony gun offense in New Jersey, where prosecutors later downgraded the crime to a low-level misdemeanor that had nothing to do with firearms.

Since the Dec. 29 shootout at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, much has come out about Keith Thomas Kinnunen’s criminal record, which seems to follow a pattern: He would get charged with serious, sometimes violent crimes, which later were pleaded down to less-consequential offenses.

New Jersey, one of the strictest gun control states in the nations allows their criminals to plea bargain away felonies. Criminals don’t follow or obey the laws. Apparently the state of New Jersey doesn’t bother to prosecute them when they are caught. Laws don’t stop shootings.

Laws, Lawyers, judges, the judicial system don’t stop shootings. They are there to define a crime, and hand down the punishment. They don’t even do that in New Jersey. The only thing that stops shooters is shooting back. The only deterrent to violent crime is the potential for a more violent response.

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