I went to finish up business with Joe and Byron at MMP Guns today. After the meeting, I looked around the shop, and a couple items came home with me. The prices I’m getting made it impossible for me to pass up. I have always considered Smith and Wesson revolvers to be the best looking guns, and Ruger to be the most solidly built.

The one exception, in my opinion, is the GP100. The 4 inch GP100 is the best looking double action revolver in the Ruger line as far as I’m concerned. I spotted this one in the case, and for the price they had it marked at, I had to get it. So for those SF gun grabbers, thanks again for your desire to disarm the country, all you’re doing is hyping up sales. The best defense against tyranny is more armed citizens.

I’ll spend some time cleaning it up, and putting a shine on it. I’m definitely back into wheel guns.

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