It would cost a whole lot more than I have to get a custom Bowie, and a Colt 1873 (current production or classic), but I still was able capture my sentiments regarding gun control with these items. January is my birthday month, and I got everything I wanted. If I were in VA and out side of the faggotry gun free zone, I would have carried these items.

AZ Gadsden flag, a Rough Rider Gadsden bowie, and a Uberti 1873 Colt reproduction (this one is in 357 mag and has an action job). As a child in Vietnam, my dad raised me up on American westerns. If you look at the way I dress, it’s heavily influenced by western style clothing.

No, I’m not trying to be a wanna be Urban Cowboy. I’m paying homage to the western culture. I chose AZ as my home because of its beautiful landscape as you can see by the pictures I post. I chose a Chevy truck, because that’s what the farmers and ranchers I grew up with in California drove. I dip Coppenhagen because that’s what brand of tobacco my friends and I grew up on.

Some of my family members, back in the day, even accused me of being Americanized. I told them to go back to Vietnam if they love it so much. I’m not well loved on my mom’s side of the family, and I’m glad. I don’t talk to them at all. I didn’t have to work to be accepted as an American, because I never considered loving this country and its people to be work. I don’t have to be motivated to stand by my loyalty oath because my parents raised me to embrace my duty. To me, a Bowie and a 1873 Colt are what settled the American West, and epitomize the American self defense tools. This is the spirit of individualism the communists want to suppress and eradicate.

There is no room in communism for an armed individual with individualistic ideals. We are all supposed to do as they say. I was born in Vietnam, but who I am as a person was made in America. And the thing that keeps the globalists, communists, or whatever they want to call themselves, awake and in fear every night is the idea of America. It’s up to We The People to keep them at bay and afraid. America isn’t going to ever go away, and we will continue to maintain build upon our legacy. God Bless America and Long Live The Republic.

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