I posted a thread on raccoon meatloaf yesterday. As to be expected, some loved it and others…not so much. But we were advised by a poster that Muskrat is the best choice of all the smaller game. As a wanna be editor of a blog, I take our reader suggestions seriously. And while muskrats are not available here in AZ that I’m aware of, survival is about being ready to survive in any environment.

I or you may be visiting or stuck in a place with muskrat availability. If so, knowing how to procure, clean, and cook the critter is information which we should store. One never knows when or where a survival situation may arise. With that in mind, prepare yourself…Tonight… Muskrat, marinated and grilled, It’s What’s For Dinner. (The cooking starts at 4:30 if you want to skip the cleaning portion)

A little music for the meal.

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