I did a series on trench shotguns a few months back. I love shotguns in every style, shape and size. Aside from the weight and considerable recoil, I think they are unbeatable for self defense, or offense for that matter, at close range.

Guns that are heavy and hefty inspire confidence, as long as you don’t have to carry it on a long march along with all your other gear. For a camp gun, or home defense where you don’t have to bear the weight until it’s time to shoot it, some extra weight is not as crucial, and it helps absorb the recoil.

There are untold samples of tactical style shotguns on the market today. There are shotguns in AR and AK patterns. Shotguns with collapsible stocks, shotguns with short barrels, shotguns with accessory rails, bull pup shotguns, and the list goes on. It’s nice to see some old school models come back in play.

At $930, it’s a lot for a shotgun. Truth be told, you could probably build one in a used 590A1 or 590A for about $450-$600 depending on the model you choose. But if you have the cash and just want it, Mossberg has one from the factory. See the link below for the full skinny on a pretty cool shotgun.


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