I could thrash this article 10 ways to Sunday. Still talking about a “loophole” in private sales. Nearly all “mass shooters” get their guns legally. “Mass Shooters” don’t depend on “loopholes” to get their guns, and neither do criminals. They rob gun stores, they get their relatives to engage in straw purchases, they steal them, hell…they even get them from them from government funded programs like the ones run by Eric Holder.

But here is the New York Times peddling their propaganda to an illiterate, and dumbed down public. When people have dropped this level of mental retardation, there is no coming back. Those of us who still have our wits about us will do what we need to do to defend our rights. The mutton heads who buy this garbage will be led to the slaughter house.

If you are wondering how people can be this stupid, just take a look at all the communists and Islamic militants who have been indoctrinated across the globe. People need to be lead, and they will choose the path of least resistance for leadership. Then they will submit themselves to tyranny and slavery because they are too lazy to fight back. The human condition can only be changed if the human wants to change.


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