The sponsor of an “assault weapons” ban in Virginia said he fears that the rejection of his bill Monday by a state Senate committee will lead to “mass murder.”

In a tweet following the lopsided 10-5 rejection of his legislation, Washington area Del. Mark Levine tweeted, “Senate Committee voted to study assault weapons bill for another year. We already know weapons of war don’t belong on our streets. I fear mass murder with these weapons between now and then, but I am proud of House of Delegates for doing what we could. We will be back.”

Mark Levine “fears” mass murders with these weapons. Is that a threat to create more “mass shootings” so they can continue to push “assault weapon” bans. We The People fear nothing. We are prepared for life’s challenges. Among which is the ever present danger of evil doing evil things.

Contrary to a Levine’s comment, “mass murders”, in the form of democide, follows disarmament of civilians. We all know the various countries and dictators who disarm their citizens in order to kill them on a global scale. We know Levine is not illiterate or incompetent. The only o her explanation for people like him is complicity. Mark Levine is promoting democide by attempting to disarm the American people. He’s supporting the tool necessary to create an environment for “mass murder” in the tens of millions.

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