In a statement, Sheikh’s parents said they are committed to fighting for accountability and for a safer future.

“People need to know just how easy it was for the shooter to buy ammunition from a website that failed to take even basic steps to protect the public,” the statement said.

The law suit claims that Lucky Gunner did not verify the age of the kid who bout the ammo. This seems like a frivolous law suit since it should be clear they either did or didn’t. Here’s Lucky Gunner’s response.

Our hearts go out to the families and victims affected by the tragedy in Santa Fe. We recently learned of a related lawsuit against us in which Michael Bloomberg-backed Everytown claims to be representing a plaintiff. Contrary to the claims, our company complied with all laws in making the subject sale; the suspect committed many crimes to include deliberately misrepresenting himself.

Why don’t we sue the manufactures of drugs for the ODs happening daily? Should Tide Pod manufacturers start carding people to ensure they are old enough to differentiate food from laundry detergent? This is the society we live in. All gun owners should file a class action lawsuit against the anti gun lobby for assault.

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