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Ropecraft and Knots

When it comes to survival and/or Bushcraft, being possessed of seven vital skills determine whether one lives or dies, and how comfortably:

– The Blade
– Firecraft
– Knots/Ropecraft
– Hunting and Trapping
– Shelter
– Tracking
– Foraging

Knowing how to use and maintain a weapon like a firearm is, of course, an excellent skill for survival. It’s not vital, however. In a bare minimum survival situation, I classify hunting tools and personal protection weapons (outside of an edge which is so much more than just a weapon) as luxury items. Welcomed and desirable luxury items.

One of the seven vital skills we should feel comfortable employing is the ability to join two or more pieces of natural or man made material. Tying things together increases the strength and the usability of materials. Whether erecting a shelter, building a raft or setting a snare trap, we need to know how to tie a knot.

Fortunately, this manual is FREE in PDF format:


It can be printed straight from the page to a printer, saved as a PDF file on your device or printed as a file that can be saved on a computer hard drive in XPS format. For FREE!

Grab your knot tying guide, some lengths of cordage and a pen – something rigid to tie a knot about – and start studying how to make a proper join whenever you are waiting on something, or somebody. Practicing ropecraft at the Doctor’s office is a great way to “evangelise” any who may be watching, and maybe ask what it is you are doing. And, why.

Knot tying can also be incorporated into your er, personal time with a special certain somebody. If intrigued, look up “Shibari.” Like the cliche says . . . it’s not work if you are having a good time. 😉

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