“This is not something an educator should have to be talking about,” Lyons says in the longer of two versions of the ad. “I shouldn’t have to do this. When I found out that Joe Biden was going to run for president, I was excited, because I trust Joe Biden with gun issues. He’s brought both sides together. He will fight the NRA, and he knows how to get things done.”

This is what we have roaming the hallways of Iowa schools these days. In the heartland of America we have teachers who are excited a pedophile pervert like Joe Biden is running for President. This is an educator. A person who is teaching our future generations.

She “trusts Joe Biden with gun issues”. Really? Does she even know what the gun issues are? She is teaching the future generations to “trust” their rights to the government. I’m a huge fan of Donald Trump. I think he’s arguably the best president we have had since JFK, and I don’t trust him with gun issues, or any politician for that matter. I trust in God, and the Constitution. That’s what I would want my child to be taught.

“He’s brought both sides together”. Stop smoking weed lady. While it may be comforting to lose yourself in Kumbaya fantasy land, Joe Biden is a joke in the 2A community. He’s bringing no one together unless you mean to laugh at him about his idiotic “get a shotgun” comment.

“He will fight the NRA. He knows how to get things done.” Well apparently this muppet doesn’t realize the biggest opponent the NRA has is itself. Nobody can fight the NRA better than the NRA. That’s not you have to worry about, it’s the 5.5 million members of the NRA, well at least the non Fudds. Look at Virginia. Is Joe Biden “getting things done and bringing both sides together”?

Our educational system is a sham, and decaying. It is in that condition because of teachers like these. They themselves are uneducated and leading future generations down the path of enslavement to tyranny.

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