Is the premise of Red Dawn, that the U.S. could be invaded by foreign hostiles and that an armed citizenry would be useless at resisting truly ridiculous, or are our more urbane social commentators whistling past the graveyard of history? Unsurprisingly, those laughing the loudest have failed to make their case, and some questions are in order.

Interesting and fun read, but one need not look further than Virginia to find the reason for civilian disarmament. Is there any doubt that the sitting Virginian legislature would not pass into law outrageous taxes or ban anything at their whim? The only reason Virginia is not West China People’s Republic is because people are armed. The only reason Ralph Northam was not at Lobby Day and declared an emergency is because the people of Virginia are armed.

The real Red Dawn is already here. It’s called the Democratic National Committee’s attempt to burn the Constitution of the United States. We don’t need a foreign invasion to validate the 2nd Amendment. The invasion has already taken place, and the invaders voted in communists into the Virginia Assembly. Without having guns at the ready, Virginians would already be getting ready to celebrate some Red Revolution communist holiday.

The 2nd Amendment is proving its necessity daily. “Red Dawn” isn’t a movie, it’s reality… at least to anyone not Californicated or in a New York “Muppet” state of mind. The first step in fixing the communist problem is admitting you have a communist problem.

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